There is a plethora of benefits that you attain from going Live. Going Live is a great way to show the algorithm that you are here and you are working it. It’s great for building engagement, connecting directly with your users, sharing news, and establishing your brand in a definite way. When followers tune in, they get to see the real, unedited version of your brand. They can ask questions and get them answered in real time. It’s a simple and effective way to connect with your followers. Going live for the first time may seem pretty daunting but you can use the tips below and create an impact on your very first Live itself. To know more, continue reading:

Develop a well constructed strategy

Before you go Live, think about what you are going to discuss. Make lists of all of the things that you want to talk about and prepare for it as much as possible. Think and learn about what your followers want from you and try to deliver it to them. Consider various factors such as age group, their preferences, gender stats, etc. and prepare accordingly.


If you want a good response on your first Live, you shouldn’t start it without a notice. The entire point of going Live on Instagram is for people to see it so you should promote the Live well ahead of time so your followers will know when to be on the app. Share a bit about what you’ll be doing in the Live, keep hyping and get people excited about it. Schedule the Live according to the convenience of your followers, as well, so that your followers will be free to watch it.




Address your viewers 

You should keep the event very lively, and be friendly with all your participants so that the viewers feel seen and valued. Give your viewers a shout out and be responsive. Tell them that you’re grateful for their support. Try to answer as many questions and interact with as many people as you can. You can ask some of them to join your Live session and interact with you as well.

Make the most out of it

Instagram allows an hour of live session. You should extract the best out of the opportunity that you have. Keep things going once you start the Live and be ready with some good content. You surely don’t want to stare at your viewers blankly without having anything good to say. For your viewers to constantly engage, you’ll have to put out a good amount of information for them to engage with it.

Going live on Instagram is a great way to promote your brand, and you just need to know how to do it well. When you are careful about what content you put out there during the Live and are very engaged with the viewers, you will make a good impression on everyone. However, we should also remember that practice makes us perfect, so keep trying.




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