81% of internet users and mobile audiences are now watching more live video content than ever. On top of that, it’s predicted that the video streaming industry will be worth $70 billion by the end of 2021. YouTube Live is a fast, powerful way to connect with an audience right there in the moment. It’s unscripted and responsive, so it’s authentic content– exactly what audiences are looking for. Live video has a massive place on consumers’ news feeds. so let’s get into some tips that will make your live stream the best it can be:


Your aim is to maximize the size of the crowd. So schedule the event in advance. This way you can promote the live stream before it actually takes place. Using social media is a good first port of call. You can go all in by creating a live stream trailer as well and then share it widely over your various social channels to entice your viewers. This makes it easy for a viewer to find your live stream- this basically is the main idea!

Plan ahead 

Look into all of the factors that are going to affect your viewers’ experience in detail. Pick a spot that you’re in control of the volume of things around you, it’s no good if your audience is straining to hear to you over tons of background noise. Have a nice backdrop, it’s important to consider the décor of the space you’re in and what message it’s conveying to your viewers. Log in a few minutes earlier, get yourself in front of the camera, check if all of your equipment is working correctly and get comfortable. Rehearse a little. When you have a good run through, it’s much more likely your live stream will go according to plan.

Always have a backup  

Always have a backup of everything! Computers, cords, cameras and audio cables especially. Also, keep your devices charged and ready at all times, and it’s a good idea to keep a spare battery charged up because live streaming can be really draining on battery life. It’s obvious, but always make sure you have good internet connection with at least 1.5 Mbps upstream bandwidth.


If you’re looking to build up a following try to go live at a regular, consistent time. And most importantly, a time that’s suitable for your viewers. Being consistent makes things much easier for you. Keeping a regular schedule allows you to market and promote your stream in advance and brings you more subscribers.

Choose a great topic

You need to make sure you’re talking about something that’s going to resonate with your audience. Trending topics in your industry is a great place to look for some ideas- people are usually searching for content around popular topics, so make sure they’re coming to you. Look at what content has worked for you in the past, what received the most traffic, chances are these topics will perform well during a live stream too.

Remember practice makes perfect, and getting started may be a challenge. But with consumers craving for more live video content, it’s time go live.

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