LinkedIn has always been one of the top platforms to provide attractive opportunities to its users. Companies mostly prefer this platform to look for potential employment and networking. To take it up a notch, LinkedIn recently rolled out a brand-new update that allows you to filter out your notification stream. Here’s all that is new about this feature.

A handy new update

Some users are now able to filter their notifications based on posts or mentions. This feature would be a great way to save time looking for the most important notifications, among others. Users can now filter out their notifications by tapping on “my posts” and “mentions” in the notification panel. This allows you to skip through the notifications that are less important.

Furthermore, it helps you to look out for notifications on a priority basis. You can quickly scan through all the interactions and messages on the go.  This is definitely one of the most useful updates from the platform. It also paves the way for future updates for the addition of other tabs like ‘top creators.’ This could easily enhance engagement with influencers.

Repeated and excessive low-quality notifications can cast a shadow over important ones. Users were missing out due to an overabundance of notifications on fairly insignificant concerns. Unorganized notifications about group posts, newsletters, etc., impacted the engagement. But with the new filters, you can manage your notifications. This makes the app organized and also streamlines your engagement in the right direction without distractions. You can also turn off each notification, as usual, through the menu section. In this way, you get the most relevant alerts only.  

Yet another feature within the notification tab is the introduction of the ‘’celebrations tab.’’ This tab allows you to keep track of all the upcoming celebrations within your network. The celebrations tab involves all the work anniversaries, birthdays, and job change-related dates. This makes the notification tab even more organized. You will no longer get the celebration alerts on your notification tab. 

Using these tools judiciously would result in a more systematic profile and will allow you to have the best experience on the platform. These filters, with some additional filters, can make a huge difference in your interactions and take you to the top. 


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