Pinterest’s video capabilities continue to expand, this time with the debut of a new, standalone ‘Pinterest TV Studio’ app, which is aimed to help live-stream artists enhance their streaming setups by providing multiple camera capabilities, and greater editing tools, and more. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest stealthily introduced the new app earlier this week on both the Apple and Google Play stores, albeit it is now only available to a limited number of users.

So it’s not officially launched, but it does exist and is a functional software for a limited number of people. That hints at the next phase of Pinterest’s video content drive, as well as a possible shift towards live-stream purchasing, which has been more popular in social media circles in recent months.

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Live-stream shopping is already a huge business in China, where live shopping sales are expected to exceed $400 billion by 2022, comparable to nearly half of all eCommerce spending in the US last year. Furthermore, live-stream commerce is becoming more popular among younger audiences, with users aged 27 and under experiencing the fastest uptake of live-stream commercial activity.

TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have all developed their own live-stream shopping tactics, and with this new app, it appears that Pinterest, too, is eager to join on the live shopping bandwagon as part of its expanding content drive.

Pinterest Has a New Code of Conduct All Users Have to Follow

However, now that it’s online, Pinterest will need to vet the broadcasters it accepts into the program – therefore, while there is a separate app accessible for this purpose right now, it’s unknown how long it will take Pinterest to widen access to all users if it ever happens.

It appears to be a safe bet, especially given Pinterest’s emphasis on artisan items and direct selling, and with the platform recently stating that video is “a crucial medium for inspiration and planning,” it appears that it will strengthen its video focus in the future. It may present significant prospects for eCommerce companies.

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