Are you looking to promote yourself on LinkedIn? Then you need to understand the importance of pain points. Pain points are a key element in promoting yourself on this platform and developing an effective marketing strategy. They help to identify and address the challenges, needs and wants of potential customers or employers. With a clear understanding of what drives your target audience, you can create content tailored to their needs that will attract attention and increase engagement.

Pain points are the problems, needs, or challenges that a prospective customer or client may have when searching for a particular product or service. By understanding these pain points, one can create targeted promotions that will yield greater results and better reach potential customers.

Remember points-

  1. Hit the right pain point of your customer or ideal audience.
  2. Be practical while hitting pain points and providing them with solutions.
  3. Use of a combination of practicality+ Common sense+creativity.

Ask yourself these questions while making the right content-

  • Had I applied this in my content or real life?
  • Did this make any sense?
  • How it can be implemented, or, why is this creative, what’s unique about it?

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