A new offline Facebook function is being tested, with a broader release not far behind. Unfortunately, it will not provide you full access to Facebook if you are not connected to the internet. Still, you will be able to view your stream and even write comments and status updates when offline. When you are connected, the offline Facebook news feed saves your stream. When the internet or your data goes down, the Facebook app for Android will continue to display the stories you haven’t read so that you don’t wind up with a white stream of material. Once connected, the app downloads postings as usual.


How Will It Work?

This caching strategy also applies to posting comments and status updates. Even if you are not linked to Facebook, you may still comment and update your profile. They will be uploaded the next time you connect to the internet. The option to like and share content is currently available demonstrating Facebook’skeepingmitment to keep users in the app even when they are not connected.

It’s a rather apparent engagement feature, but it’s beneficial. From Facebook’s standpoint, the goal is to keep you in the app and using the service as much as possible. However, the company does not want to disrupt internet connectivity to force you out of the app.

How to Use Facebook Without the Internet

Facebook users may access Facebook on any mobile device without an internet connection by dialling *325#. For example, you can use Facebook on a phone that doesn’t have a browser or other types of data connectivity, such as EDGE. Suppose you are not connected to the internet. In that case, you will not have total control and access to your Facebook account, but you will still be able to view your news feed, make comments, and status. Without the Internet, you can use Facebook. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get offline Facebook access:


1. Enter *325# in the dialling pad

2. Enter your username and password to get access.

3. You can then see menu options with the corresponding number on your screen.

4. Send the relevant numbers to access these services as you see fit.

5. You can access features such as updated status, Newsfeed, messages, account settings, and many others.


But it’s also a win-win situation from the user’s perspective. It is a lot better experience to continue what you were doing online even when the internet is down. Those with poor internet coverage or weak data connections will gain just as much from those who have good connections in general as those who periodically leak out. As Google and Facebook push harder for offline capability in their applications, you should expect to see an increase in outstanding services that provide enhanced offline use.

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