Social media is a never stopping trend. Social media is at a boom stage where a slight difference can change the trend drastically. Social media was earlier popular as Facebook and twitter but now the functions in Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok is overtaking all other social media platforms.

As social media trend keep on changing every day, there are certain aspects of social media to look forward that will dominate the social media marketing.


Metaverse will be a big thing

Yes introduction of metaverse around mid of 2022 will be the major change in the technology where people will not just internet from outside but being inside the metaverse with VR glasses. You must have seen people playing virtual reality games from being inside the game through VR glasses but what if you could also attend meeting, classes, visit malls and park and connect with friends in 3D virtual environment like being inside but actually functioning outside from where you are? Sounds very interesting and thrilling right.

Metaverse will change not only social media but the whole internet. People are looking forward to see how tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook will roll out metaverse in their version.


Influencer marketing will be major source of social media marketing

Influencer marketing will be more targeted in future due to higher influence of the social media influencer on audience than of celebrities. Each social media like TikTok and Instagram has their own unique influencers.

Influencers has seen influencing the sales and image of the product with just a gesture too that’s why it is important to use them in your favor positively.

Coca cola is a good example. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Instagram influencer who just shifted the coca cola can to other side and whole stock of coca cola collapsed. In a Netflix movie ‘Red Notice’ Dwayne Johnson just pour coca cola over fake gold to check and it melted away. It gave coca cola negative publicity.

That is why influencers will be major component in social media marketing.


TikTok will overtake social media

TikTok in future will lead the social media. Even though TikTok is banned in India, it remain to be a popular social media platform across the world. Influencers dominate the TikTok community. Even TikTok came with several upgrades for audience to make flexible content and even influencers and business with paid ads. TikTok currently dominates short video apps but in future it will dominate social media.


Snapchat ads will dominate

Snapchat ads will dominate the other advertisements like Instagram and Facebook ads. But how a story sharing app can dominate in ads? The core reason, presence of wide young audience on Snapchat. Young audience are engaged in all kinds of trendy topics and they talk about brands in other social media platforms.

Any marketer who wants to make the brand most talk about in social media usually target the right audience like young audience who continuously engage in such topics. Young audience especially 15-28 age spread the topic and news faster than the others.

They spend their time on Snapchat sharing their stories with friends. Displaying ads in between stories is already been done in snapchat but the snapchat ads will be the next big thing in social media where majority of marketers will place ads on snapchat and consider it a major source of advertisement on social media.


In conclusion, social media trend keep on changing with every new developments. It is essential to keep an eye on the latest developments on social media. The above examples are changes we talk about but any new development might enroll as we speak.

Social media have evolved over the years but it still booming.


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