Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows users to pin posts to their accounts. These posts, similar to the pinned notes at the top of your Google Keep the main screen, will help profile visitors learn more about you fast by highlighting select essential posts.

According to a new TechCrunch story, the feature is now only available to a limited number of customers as part of the testing process. Similar to pinned tweets on Twitter or videos on TikTok, these users can pin posts to the top of their profiles. The feature has been in the works for months, according to reports. On the three-dot menu (context menu) on an Instagram post, those who have access to the feature will notice a “Pin to your profile” option.

Pinned Instagram posts would enable creators and other experts to showcase some of their finest work at the front of their accounts, rather than having users navigate through a large number of posts to find what they’re searching for. This will also assist in turning your Instagram feed into a ‘portfolio’ for artists to showcase their finest and most pertinent work.

It’s possible that you won’t see the function in action on your Instagram profile for a long time. This is due to the fact that the feature is still in beta and will need to be released to the official version of the app first. Instagram occasionally gives some nations and areas first access to new features, which could mean Indian users might have to wait longer.

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