Social media is constantly evolving, and it is changing faster than we can keep up. Instagram has developed from an application utilized essentially by teens to perhaps the most famous informal community in only a couple of years. From hashtags to stories, lots of new highlights on the stage are delivered routinely. Social media teams frequently make mistakes because brands frequently struggle to keep up with all of these changes.

1. Absence of Hashtags: Instagram posts devoid of hashtags are analogous to sheep without a shepherd: they continue to exist, but they may not survive among the other posts. Instagram hashtags fill some needs. They can be used to increase your number of followers, explain the nature and purpose of your posts, demonstrate their characteristics, and narrow your audience. There are a maximum of 30 hashtags that can be used in an Instagram post, but at least 10 of them are always useful. However, you are not required to add the entire amount.

It is pointless to add certain hashtags simply because they are popular because there is so much competition, and your posts may get lost. Because your profile won’t be found, using only niche hashtags won’t help your account either.

– describing what is in the picture
– mentioning the date and location of the photo’s capture
– referring to communities and localities
– describing your industry or sector of operation
– belonging to your set of branded hashtags

2. Not using your Instagram BIO to its full potential: The only place on a profile where you can permanently mention your brand and include a link is in your Instagram Bio. You have 150 characters to convince potential followers that it is worthwhile to interact with your brand. Instagram profiles frequently get finished indiscriminately and without a reasonable thought, so all things considered consider it as an initial feeling that you just have a single chance at.

What elements should an Instagram bio include?

– Full Name of your Business
– A Brief Introduction
– A Link to your Website or another Online Resource
– Your Brand’s Hashtags as Identifying Marks

Take advantage of this opportunity to attract users’ attention.

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3. No Instagram Strategy: A brand’s Instagram strategy is just as crucial as any other aspect of its activities. If you have a plan in place for dealing with this channel, creating new content will be easier. Sadly, a lack of strategy in the management of an IG account is frequently readily apparent at first glance. Not only is this a mistake, but it also amounts to a huge opportunity lost.

A technique of activity on Instagram ought to be characterized by components, for example, brand differentiators and special selling focus, correspondence lines, fixed photograph channels, innovative duplicates, and hashtags. In addition, it is essential to devise a strategy for advertising-boosted posts or Instagram campaigns featuring engaging micro-influencers. The aspects of strategy that are not immediately apparent are also frequently overlooked. To simplify your work, think about adding Instagram workflow, asset, and task management procedures.

4. Inconsistency: Choosing to join Instagram comes with a lot of responsibility in addition to convenience and endless possibilities. Let’s say you start posting every two days, start forming relationships with your followers, and make your Instagram profile the centre of a community. After everything goes smoothly, there is radio silence.

After you stopped posting, your followers are left wondering what happened to you. In a similar vein, the algorithm of Instagram does not spare inactive accounts and may soon stop displaying your posts in users’ feeds. You could see that as regardless of whether you return after some time, your outcomes pass on a ton to be wanted.

It very well may be trying to be steady and ordinary on Instagram, yet it’s the best way to prevail there. You need to keep providing your audience with content after they get used to seeing it. They will forget about you sooner than you might think if you stop communicating with them.

5. Conflicting Marking and Visuals: Consistency likewise applies to marking and visuals. Your Instagram followers may become confused and stop following your brand if you start experimenting with a completely new grid after they have become accustomed to the two-colour grid. If you’ve used the same design or copy pattern for a long time and suddenly change it overnight, this could also affect how many people like your profile.

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