Meta has added a number of more features for Facebook Group admins to enable automated management and reduce their workload for moderation.

Reducing misinformation

These new tools were designed to aid admins to prevent the spread of misinformation and manage interactions in their group:

  1. Adding the ability through Admin Assist to automatically decline incoming posts identified as containing false information. Incoming posts that contain content rated by third-party fact-checkers as false are declined before they are seen in the group
  2. Expanding the functionality of ‘mute’ and updating it to ‘suspend’ so admins and moderators can temporarily suspend group members and participants from posting, commenting, reacting, participating in a group chat, and creating or entering a Room in a group
  3. The product was mocked of automatically declining posts with false information.

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Community management

To help make it easier for group admins to manage their communities, with the new updates they can:

  1. Use Admin Assist to automatically approve or decline member requests, based on specific criteria they set up, including whether the prospective member has completed all member questions.
  2. More efficiently manage their group with new updates to Admin Home. This includes an overview page on the desktop to review things that need attention, a layout update to more easily sort and search tasks, and an insights summary on mobile to help admins understand the growth and engagement of their groups.
  3. Product mock of Admin Assist.

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