Want to reach TikTok’s increasing audience? Do you want to collaborate with TikTok’s influential creators? Here is a tutorial on measuring TikTok Campaigns Using Creator Marketplace.


How TikTok Influencer Campaigns Work

TikTok, while still in its infancy, has grown ripe for corporations interested in collaborating with influencers. You can simply find relevant influencer relationships to promote sponsored Content using platforms like the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Although TikTok Content can reach millions of people, the dynamic of developing a successful influencer campaign takes a higher degree of strategic preparation than platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

When collaborating with an Instagram influencer, a content plan may involve uploading photographs of a product, some more tales, or even a video of the creator using the product. On TikTok, however, the goal of a sponsored partnership is to collaborate with one influencer and then create greater engagement from the artist community. As a result, TikTok influencer postings frequently promote a product while urging the rest of the community to join in on the fun.

How To Measure TikTok Campaigns Through Creator Marketplace

To track metrics like views, engagement such as likes, comments, shares, and audience split like gender, age, markets, log in to your TikTok Creator Marketplace account and go to ‘Campaign Reporting.’ Then, click the campaign name or search by ‘CampaignID’ or a Creator name.

You may generate a report on the campaign’s CPV and CPE results by inputting your creator expenses at the top of the page. Then, simply click a video in the campaign to compare video-level data and producers. Click ‘Export data’ to extract campaign data in CSV format to share campaign reports with your partners. In the first place, revealing the type of video with a sponsored tag is critical for verifying analytics.

Branded Content has thrived on the site, with campaigns like Navneet’s #SmartTayari garnering 3.4 million views, TikTok being a part of AAP’s social media strategy, and Indeed seeking to reach a new audience with #IndeedPeDhoondo. Additionally, as more corporations are ready to invest a portion of their budgets, TikTok is rapidly earning a significant percentage of social media ad buys previously controlled by Facebook.

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