There are numerous perks of having a Pinterest business account. When you create a business account, you gain access to a lot of Pinterest benefits that you wouldn’t have otherwise with a regular account. Thus creating so many new opportunities for your online presence. Below we have listed down the advantages that Pinterest business account brings with itself:

Recognize emerging trends 

Pinterest is the place where most of the trends and fads start. To ensure that your brand is on the forefront of upcoming trends in your industry, you need to maintain an active presence on Pinterest. You can follow influencers in your industry on the platform to find emerging trends. Meanwhile Pinterest regularly aggregates categories of popular content for users based on their searches. if you search for topics related to your business, you’re likely to see options that will be hyper-targeted to your brand and audience. Look through these ideas to find which products or services you should be promoting or adding for your customers and clients.

Surge brand authority 

The additional features that come in a Pinterest business account include– a header full of your own branded pins, an insight into the number of viewers your pins get and access to a verified account. Each of these is an aid to your brand authority, giving you a more legitimate online presence.

Steer traffic 

You get to include your verified website address on your Pinterest business profile. You also get to access ‘rich pins’, a type of Pin that offers more information about your landing page than a regular Pin. For product Pins, that include pricing information and other product specificities. Pins like this deliver more information about your product, service or blog post before a user saves or clicks on it. Enticing users can lead to more clicks and drive more traffic.

Ingress analytics 

Pinterest business account lets you view and examine your analytics. You get to view impressions, engagements, clicks, views and so much more. You can also select specific date ranges and view all of your pins or only the Pins saved from your website. Scrutinizing your analytics is a must as you can see which Pins are getting the most clicks and generating the most traffic to your website so that you can promote them for even more success and create similar products, blog posts or Pins to replicate that success.

Run ads and promotion campaigns 

You gain authority to Pinterest advertising and targeting features which can prove to be useful for your success. Build ad campaigns around brand awareness, traffic or conversions, and you can choose hyper-specific interest targeting for your ads. Since Pinterest is used as a visual search engine, it has really powerful ad targeting options since it knows exactly what people are searching for and interested in. The best part is that it is really affordable and you can try it out for yourself.

Hope you like it. Thank you.

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