The company said on Wednesday that LinkedIn is adding additional methods to confirm your identity and place of employment. LinkedIn’s new verification procedures do not involve paid subscriptions or blue checkmarks, in contrast to Twitter and Meta.

The business is collaborating with CLEAR, a safe identification platform, to offer LinkedIn users in the US verification. Users will be able to see this month that they have used CLEAR to confirm their identity on your profile. You must accomplish this by giving your phone number and a government-issued photo ID.

Your profile will show a new “Verifications” section below the “Connect” and “Message” buttons once you have successfully verified your identity. Visitors to your profile will see a checkmark next to a banner that reads “Government ID” to know that you have “a verified government ID.”

Users of LinkedIn from all over the world can also use their corporate email to confirm where they work. You must input a verification code that was provided to your company email address to verify your place of employment. According to LinkedIn, this tool is compatible with more than 4,000 firms on the network. Over time, the platform intends to offer this choice to additional businesses.

Alternatively, organizations can use the Microsoft Entra Verified ID platform to generate free digital workplace IDs for qualified users thanks to a partnership between LinkedIn and Microsoft. At the end of this month, the new option will become available. More than two million LinkedIn members will be reached by dozens of partnering organizations through this option, according to LinkedIn.

“Through all these new, free features, we’re helping give you the confidence that who you’re connecting with and the content you come across is trusted and authentic,” the business said in a blog post. “While not all LinkedIn members worldwide will have access to these verification methods right away, we will gradually increase availability and the ways you can engage. 

LinkedIn is chosen to keep its verification features narrowly focused on validating users’ identify in contrast to Twitter and Meta, who combined verification with additional features to add an extra layer of security against phony or fraudulent accounts. The $8 monthly Blue subscription from Twitter includes a premium verification option and other benefits like fewer advertisements. On Facebook and Instagram, Meta’s verification feature, known as Meta Verified, is accessible for a monthly fee of $11.99 on the web and $14.99 on mobile.

LinkedIn says its verification tools will be free to use since it thinks verification should be accessible to everyone.


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