Social media is a platform made from several technologies that allow the creation, management, and exchange of user-generated data offering a novel way for artists to market themselves. The past two decades have witnessed some drastic changes in this versatile platform.

Social media has given birth to a lot of artists. It supports and promotes the growth of an artist with the help of its advanced features and function. It declares social media is an influential tool if properly wielded by artists. It provides an effective and inexpensive means via which artists can market themselves.

Social Media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok are the most popular platforms to inculcate such artists. With the help of these platforms, they can build a community and expand their horizon.

Social Media and Music

Traditionally the music industry relied on album sales to make revenue. Due to the advancement of digitalization, this convention has diminished. Artists need not produce the maximum number of music albums to be successful. When a music video or song is released, it is only declared a hit song after looking at all the factors.

Several combined factors include ticket sales, internet sensations, and the radio time given to the artists’ works. For this underlying aspect, many artists use Social media to boost their popularity. Popularity immediately affects artists’ ability to market their music. The more popular an artist is, the higher the chances of their music being popular.

Social Media and Dance

Social media allows dancers to showcase their talent. It empowers them to attain confidence and contribute to the field. Platforms like YouTube are one of the oldest ways of promoting such talent. Over more than a million dancers have been spotted and brought to the spotlight. They have made their name and have inspired others to do the same. People put videos of their song covers and can build a community. They can earn through this and break the stereotypes attached.

During times of quarantine and being separated, social media has allowed us to reconnect with friends of the past and make new ones. Social Media has made the artists who they are today. When everything seemed gone technology, and social media allowed them to have a presence.

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