Instagram, one of the most popular photo-sharing apps, is attempting to improve its customers’ experience. The app is now testing a new Stories interface that conceals excessive postings, according to reports. According to sources, Phil Ricelle, a Brazilian Instagram user, observed that the Instagram app now only shows three of the Stories published by other users.

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Users may now post up to 100 Stories at once. While this number should remain the same, users who have received the update must press a “Show All” button to access the remaining Stories. Otherwise, Instagram moves on to the following user’s Stories. According to the study, this is a substantial change in how Instagram Stories operates. For example, some users are accustomed to touching the screen to view all Stories from an account at once. However, this will no longer be available following the upgrade.

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This means that posts beyond the third Story will most likely receive fewer views. Simultaneously, reducing the number of Stories displayed in the app should allow users to view posts from more people faster if they aren’t interested in that material. According to the source, just a limited set of users have received the update with the new Stories layout, implying that Instagram is currently testing these changes before pushing them out to all users.

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