Millions of monthly active users have increased to billions with the launch of Instagram’s Stories features in 2016. One-third of the most popular stories on Instagram are the result of corporate activity, according to statistics. This is hardly surprising considering that 90% of Instagram profiles are corporate accounts and 68% of people are more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in an Instagram story.

These statistics can assist you in making a decision if you are unsure whether Stories should be a part of your brand’s or company’s marketing strategy. Your business and budget mostly dictate how you use Instagram. You can create sponsored content alone, collaborate with Instagram influencers, or combine the two. Your Stories can be unsponsored or sponsored, the latter of which being a paid advertisement with the tag “sponsored” beneath your name.

How do you make the most of it?

You may portray yourself in your sponsored Instagram Story by using images, videos, and the carousel feature. With the Carousel feature, you may mix videos and photographs in your story. Three pieces of content are the maximum for each sponsored advertisement. Try out different options when it comes to sponsored ads to find which ones work best for your company.

The apparent winner for Stories is video, which can hold your visitors’ attention longer than still images. According to Facebook IQ’s investigation into how users consume video content, people in India watch videos on Facebook and Instagram for five times longer than they do photos. Hence, stories are definitely a great idea. Video is a flexible medium that may be applied in many different contexts. You may capture a face-to-camera item briefing with your head of sales, a 360-degree look at a product, or a tour of your facilities. To represent yourself and have fun, use video. Investigate and get some practice before you publish anything to your story.

The procedure of branding your storey is easy. Utilize a picture editor to add borders, effects, and text overlays on every level. To make your brand more recognisable, colours, typefaces, and layout should all be consistent with it. To prevent your story from getting boring, create three to four brand templates.


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