Instagram stated today that it is launching a new feature called “Quiet Mode” to increase the number of time management tools available to users. By turning off incoming alerts, automatically responding to direct messages, and putting your status to “In Quiet Mode” to let friends know you’re not using the app right now, the feature attempts to lessen users’ worry about taking a break from the service. Teen users will be prompted to enable the option if they are using the app late at night, according to Instagram.

The upgrade is only one of several updates that are being released, along with new tools for managing suggestions and enhanced parental control options.

Idea behind the big step:

However, the goal of the new Quiet Mode function is more than simply to provide customers with a tool that encourages them to take a break. Instead, it focuses on the effects in the real world that come with attempting to take a brief break from an app that you frequently use and where other users expect you to be available.

The debuts coincide with Instagram’s efforts to lessen the likelihood that authorities and lawmakers will target the app because of possible risks associated with social media, particularly for young users.

Instagram already offers a few other screen time management tools, such as daily time spent controls that let users track their app use and send themselves alerts, those to set up “take a break” reminders after individual app sessions go on for a predetermined amount of time, and various tools to pause, snooze and unfollow pages, groups and users to further help reduce interaction with addictive or otherwise unwanted content.

Instagram has gained popularity as a messaging app, especially among young people, to the point where the firm has released two distinct iterations of independent communication apps, Direct and Threads.   While Instagram’s attempt to segregate messaging as a distinct experience didn’t work out, messaging is still a major lure for the main app. Even though some teenagers acknowledge that the pressure to always be present might be stressful, for Instagram’s most active users, not responding to DMs is on par with ignoring text messages in terms of being impolite.

Relax! Your messages are going nowhere

Instagram users can opt to take a break with Quiet Mode to work, rest, or indulge in other activities. For those who are familiar with the AIM and ICQ period, it is comparable to turning off your instant message light on Instagram. The app will provide a summary of what you missed when you were in Quiet Mode when you exit it to help you catch up.

First-access countries are:

Users in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be the first to utilise Quiet Mode. Instagram says it plans to rapidly expand the feature’s availability to other nations.

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