YouTube these days is new a good career option for many people. People are struggling hard with their content to get famous on YouTube. So, everyday we find a new YouTuber with a new content to attract its audience. You should also know that Promotion is the only way to make your videos popular. Promotion basically reveals your videos and talent to many people. So, here are some useful ideas which may help you in the promotion of the channel.
1. Whenever you upload a new content, you should definitely update your followers specially share with your friends and family members and ask them to share even more.
2. Update your followers using Social media networks Social media is a blessing for the promotions of your channel. You can use your Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. to update your followers about your new content. Attach a link of your blog or video with your story or post so that it may get easy for your followers to reach the blog easily.
3. Use Google Promotions to promote your channel.
Now we will discuss what are the things you need to keep in mind while creating or uploading a content.
1. Always make a unique content :- You need to make an unique and different content from others then only it will work, because people get bore seeing same content throughout and hence will not follow you.
2. Do not copy :- Do not copy the contents as copying content may give you a bad image. You can write or shoot a similar content but should never copy exactly. You can grab some ideas by seeing similar videos but be creative when shooting your videos.
3. Do not upload duplicate video content or voice :- You should never upload a duplicate voice content if making a music video, this may block your account and blacklist you, also if you are using background music in your video, try not to use the one with copyrights.
So, this way you can upload your videos and promote them as much as you can, as more you will promote more you will get the exposure and people will know you and your videos more.

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