If you think about it the entire concept of content creation and public speaking revolves around audience. Technically the difference between an audience and a community is:

  • Audience is basically passive. They are consumers of information. Primarily a one-way street where you speak, and they listen. They consume what you provide.
  • Meanwhile, a community is full of interaction and engagement, where the people not just listen, but actively participate.

Dale Carnegie says,” You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you”, and rightly so. Talk to people, not at people.

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The best way to turn your audience into a community is by having a conversation. Facilitate connection. Talk to them the way you would talk to someone you know. Treat them like a family because they are your extended family. They invest their time in you. Here are a few things that you should remember:

  • Don’t fake it. Talk to them the way you usually do. Don’t try too hard. People are prompt in sensing deception. You know a con artist when you see one!
  • Your audience will constantly give you their feedback. Observe and act.
  • Tend to their needs. You can’t presume that they’ll go gaga over your thoughts and ideas. It doesn’t work that way. When in doubt, reach out to them. This will strengthen your bond with your community.
  • Give them an identity. Name your community maybe? You must have heard Prajakta Koli calling her fan base, ‘dum-dums’. This brings a sense of belonging in them. They feel like a family.
  • Come up with your own merchandise. Ask them to buy your products, and to tag you in their stories and posts. Repost them. Thank your genuine and loyal fans and let them know that you are grateful. Appreciate them, compliment them and let them know that they’ve brought a great change in your life.
  • Build an honest relationship. Let them into your life. And tell them how they can always approach you during difficult times.

This is the way to build a community, to have active engagers that will come back again and again. A community that will also share your message, because as a result of your strong determination they believe too. You can see it everywhere, this community sharing.

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