Creative blocks, or barriers to inspiration, can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity. Those in creative profession such as writers, musicians, performers, artists are often more likely to be affected by creative blocks, which can last for days, weeks, months, or even years. Feeling frustrated with your work, feeling unable to draw, and feeling just generally stuck is completely normal. It happens to all of us, and is part of the creative process. Remind yourself that feeling blocked isn’t the end of the world and is absolutely rational.

Creative stall can arise due to anxieties like, an overwhelming sense of perfectionism, can interfere with creative thoughts and be downright crippling in numerous areas in everyday life. Stress is a well-known creativity killer as well. Time constraints are another.

Writer Nathalie Sejean says,” Creative burnout is not a fatality, it’s an injury”.  And I think that this is one piece of advice that you should remind yourself of whenever you think that, this is it. She also adds, “You haven’t dried up your well of creativity, you’ve overworked your creative muscle.”

So what do you do when you hit a creative slowdown? I’ll share my perspective on how I think you can get out of your blank page syndrome.


The constant pressure and need to create can drain artists imperatively. Pause, breathe, and acknowledge that you deserve some rest from your work. You’re human, not a robot and its necessary. Stay away from work and your technical devices. You should really make the most out of this. During this stage you can collect all the intellectual resources to construct new ideas by thinking, travelling, cooking, resting (Sleep is the best and easiest creative aphrodisiac), reading, listening to music and researching. After you’ve given yourself the time you need to rest, restore, and recalibrate, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing once more.


Honestly, the best way to start is simply that— JUST START! Give yourself the permission and chance to perform badly. If you don’t fail, how are you going to rectify yourself? Just make it a point to utilize the time you have, and start working. Creating something preliminary can lead to better ideas later. Don’t wait for an inspiration or an idea to come to you. Make it happen for yourself.


By that I mean literally change the view. Give your workspace a makeover, head out to a café to clear your head, go for a walk in the park or take a trip. Whatever works for you! But remember to grasp every tiny shred of inspiration, thoughts, observation or conversation that you see and note it down. 


Seriously, it’s all good. I know how frustrating it can get and nobody wants to be in that space but the harsh reality is that everyone goes through this at some point. So don’t lose hope and cheer up. It’s just a phase and it’ll pass. Just keep going.

I hope the next time you go through a creative block, you try these tips and these help you in some way. How do you deal with a creative block? Share your ways of breaking through an art block.

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