When one moves ahead to exploring and finding ways to expand their Business, they should keep their mind open and broad to various social media platforms and not miss even a single chance of opportunity or expanding their audience. 


Even though most of the traffic may get extracted from all the well known websites, there are many hidden gems that one cannot leave unexplored or unused as it gets one just as much recognition and upliftment. The set audience and followers may also end up connecting one with loyal customers and a potentially strong community. 


One such platform to explore is Tumblr. When it was launched in 2007, it ended up transforming into a huge deal but later on became stagnant with growth as and when a lot of competition emerged. Currently, it holds more than 319 million users and can be used actively to promote and expand your brand on a new and fresh social media website. 


Tumblr holds almost everything one is familiar with through various websites such as posting photos, videos, texts, even audios, links, etc which can help one use all these features to its maximum effeciency to promote their brand and cross-share among platforms to gain new leads. 


To begin with- 

1. You need to start by creating an account and customizing the profile for basics. 

2. Select different interests and categories you are passionate about so that you can encounter the feed created for you on the basis of those interests. 

3. You can start by exploring and seeing how the platform works to gain insights and gain knowledge. 

4. Starting with setting up the platform for business and strategizing ways to grow your reach among the audience on Tumblr. 

5. Before posting about the brand and expanding the business, start with researching and planning accurately about what entirely will be your approach. 

Now that you have finally gained familiarity with the platform and gotten around to using it, you can now proceed to use it for the business purpose and expanding the reach for your brand. It is an essential step towards building a strong presence virtually for your brand and gaining new customers and building a new set of target audience. 


Here are a few ways to efficiently use Tumblr to expand your Brand/Business- 


1. Basics- 

Firstly you need to begin with customising the profile, bio and username that aligns with your brand and can catch the attention of the users right away. Then before the promotion of the brand or business, firstly, move ahead to build an audience that talks about the problems through posts, communicating, etc. and build a base for the niche so that people can encounter the profile and get the idea. 


2. Post consistently- 

Start with posting consistently to attract and engage with audiences such as posting blogs, quotes, pictures, etc. Using options such as themes, decorating the dashboard and feed is pretty easy and smooth to carry through. Use relevant hashtags that can elevate your posts and it’s visibility. 


3. Engage- 

Make it a point to engage well with the users such as commenting on their posts, reblogging, updating, posting appealing pictures and posts, following more people, etc. and this will help with engagement. However, be sure to post on time as it will help in search visibility. Check insights to see when most of the users are active. 


4. Relevance/Trend- 

Tumblr does really well when it comes to elevating posts and profiles and uplifting trendy blogs, posts and images which attracts other users and broadens your audience. Stay up to date with trends, what is being talked about, and pop culture like shows, books and movies. Make sure they align with your Niche and use it to your benefit to enhance your Tumblr profile. 


5. Promote- 

Make it a point to constantly share, promote and market your business websites and platform through posts, links and hashtags so that you can lead the traffic and followers towards your website with the help of attaching links and posting about the website, new offers, discounts, giveaways, etc. This will increase traffic and help you use your Tumblr profile efficiently for your brand’s growth. 


The idea is to make the best out of the audience, followers and the platform of Tumblr being provided to you as it will legitimately help your brand grow and make an excellent online presence. Not only will Tumblr give you the best of experience but also help you in enhancing your professional growth which is why it is imperative to use it once and try for yourself.                     

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