How many creators have you come across who opens up an instagram profile or a Youtube channel all enthusiastic and inspired but their motivational fire extinguishes within no time where they cannot help themselves to get up to create more content. 


The answer is probably many. 


The problem could be lack of consistency, organisation or discipline around creating content for social media but how does one ever gamble upon this? Who is to say that you will not get exhausted after a short while of posting or maybe that you might not even look forward to the posting anymore because the numbers and results have demotivated you to this extent. There can be both factors, maybe the results can wave your motivation down or maybe you could have run out of ideas and the initial enthusiasm for the process. 


Here are a few tips to stay motivated as a content creator-  

1. Stay organised- 

The best way to not feel demotivated easily is to have a set schedule and a plan to follow which will help you stay on your toes, be consistent and work regardless. This will also help you to stay motivated and look forward to the work as you will have a timeline to focus on and tasks to finish off.


 2. Take breaks- 

There is no point in working hard to an extent where you end up encountering a burnout and to stay motivated it is always a good idea to include a good amount of breaks in between a hectic schedule as well as some recharging time. 


3. Trust the process- 

As much as we all like witnessing good results instantly along with a rise in numbers, it is also imperative to be just as passionate about the process and the creating part. You cannot expect the result to be soaring high and not have interest in the process as then it ends up becoming more demotivating. Remember to have fun while creating, working and coming up with new ideas so that you enjoy the process and help drive your motivation. 


4. Try new and trendy- 

Work on creating new and unique ideas and note them down whenever you come up with them, similarly stay up to date with trends and techniques so that it helps you create more content and stay on your toes. This also helps you to envision fresh unique ideas and provide more enriching content to your audience. 


5. Remind yourself- 

Keep reminding yourself of the reason you started off and remember to ignite drive towards your goals that you initially wanted to achieve. Note them down, and paste them where you can easily access them to stay inspired and motivated to create and do better. 


The key is to enjoy what you are doing, engage with the audience, stay authentic along with not losing focus of why you started off initially. More than focusing on followers and numbers, focus on providing quality content, building a community and creating a difference. When your goals and drive align with the process, it will then be easier to stay motivated and focused towards content creation. 


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