As a content creator for social media, one needs to have several ideas and tricks up their sleeve. To post consistently, it is better to have a schedule planned before but even then one can run out of ideas and plans. On top of that it is also always convenient to have some hacks in your head so that not only can one save time and effort but also post efficiently and swiftly. 



Here is a list of a few cool hacks that one can use as a content creator-


1. One is to always pick up props that can be used and handled everywhere such as mobile phone stands, flashlights, etc. Another is to make use of sunlight whenever you can because it is the best way to use natural light without needing any other equipment on the side. Making best use of the golden hour is a must for making videos or vlogging. 


2. Another hack for content creation is to make content wherever you can. Such as if you are focusing on lifestyle or travel niche then it is even easy to extract content while you are on a vacation, hanging out, visiting new places and similarly, do blogs and vlogs for which you do not even need to research or plan a lot. 


3. Do recommendations as content creation such as for shows, books, movies, places, restaurants and try to present it in an unique and personalized manner which is an easy hack to come up with new content. However, do make sure that you work within your niche and remember your target audience. 


4. One can also team up with other content creators and work on small projects and ideas such as hosting lives and giveaways to use it as a hack to gain more followers as well as engage with the audience. 


5. Another option is to include your audience through which not only do you get ideas but it also becomes an easy hack to engage and communicate with them. Such as doing fun activities on your stories which includes asking for their opinions, doing polls, letting them control your tasks for the day, doing Q/A, and many more fun activities that also acts as a content as well as good medium to engage. 


6.Create a lot of content at once but save them in your drafts to post them at a later time so that it saves effort and time along with scheduling posts and writing captions and hashtags in free time so that when it comes to post, you can then directly get done with it right away. 


These are a few hacks that every content creator can use and they can always research more hacks like these to efficiently post and create content while saving time and effort. 

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