It’s always fun hanging out with people who share similar interests as you. If we put this perspective into content creation, this is absolutely necessary. Finding people who share similar interests a.k.a. “Your people” helps in the formation of a loyal user community which helps you grow as a content creator. It also opens you up to new insights on the interests you share and is equivalent to a productive brain-storming session. Let’s find out how to do that!!

Join Instagram groups

Many people post random Instagram group links under comments or create groups and send it’s links. You can join any one of them and try talking to people.

Follow pages

Look out for pages who post similar content like yours and try interacting with them. This gives you two opportunities:1) Staying up-to date

2) Pushing you to do your best as you have an idea over how things work giving you room for improvement.

Conduct polls

Post stories which have the polls option Yes/No option which help you gather and segregate data at the same time. You can reach out to people who’ve similar interests and thoughts like yours and connect with them which boosts retention.

Join Instagram Live

This is a sure way to get people to notice you. But in order to do that you need to be very authentic and knowledgeable in your area of interest. If it’s a random discussion try sharing your thoughts which leads to ideas bouncing back and overall increase in your popularity.

It’s hard finding your people on Instagram but once you’ve found them they’re for life!!

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