Instagram which was once simply a photo sharing platform where you could connect with your friends is now a major hub which is a dimension in itself with billions of users, opportunities and different dynamics going on. From creative pieces, personal journals, creativity, influencers, marketing collaborations, content and what not, Instagram has it all that too masked in different tools and ornamented with distinct features every time. 


What is Instagram Trend? 

-One such word that we have come to hear a lot, thanks to instagram, is ‘Trend’. It meant a whole different thing 10 years back, however with Instagram ruling, Trend has another connotation itself. Trends are either created and produced unintentionally which is then picked up by others and blown up, or it is created deliberately so as to make the content viral. 


-Trends can be vivaciously hyped up and blown up in a short while itself where it could either be a reel with certain actions and a particular audio, it can be a picture which almost everyone is recreating, it could also be certain videos, styles, recipes, travel hacks, and so much more. Where all it needs is a simple path to get hyped up and noticed, so that it can then be picked up by almost everyone and start trending.  


It is easy to come up with trends but in a space that is dominated by millions, it is not such an easy task to start trending because once your content is trending and is being recreated by millions, your video automatically goes viral thus bringing you a huge recognition and fame. 


How to go viral by setting a trend? 

-Well,  you can either be someone who only follows trends without a second thought and simply does it for the sake of the trend and following one, or you can either use your strategies to create a potential viral video or style which you think is unique and innovative so that it may get picked up by other users. 


-Trends come and go quite easily and leave behind a sparkling fame for the users who created them, however it is on you to make use of the platform to create your own. In today’s instagram dynamic it is easy to publish numerous videos with unique style which may get blown up without you even realising it thus making your content go instagram trending and famous within the first few minutes. 


-Instagram now offers a front seat for video publishing that is through videos, reels, igtv, etc. thus you can try to come up with various unique ideas and put your own style onto it so that it aligns well with your audience and feed as well, along with attracting new one. Use an audio that is trending which can now be found easily as it has an arrow sign at the bottom to showcase it is trending. Use audio like that and then move ahead to create your content. 

-You can also follow trends but put your own personal twist and style onto it which might get followed or more hyped up if done well and correctly. It is imperative to not simply copy others blindly rather stay authentic to your niche which can still be done while keeping your eyes on trends and creating them. This can also be used for your advantage to blow up your brand pages and businesses because viral videos gain an unimaginable traffic and impeccable engagement. 


-Right before and after posting videos, make sure that you engage well with the audience, even the ones who are not following you, create hype for the video before posting, cross share it on other platforms and ask your friends to support it as well. Create challenges and something quirky which you think may get picked up and at last, maintain consistency and keep posting actively. 


Reels, videos, easy transitions, exquisite features have made it relatively easier to create quality content that has the potential to get viral in no time which is why all you need to do is focus on producing creative content which highlights your identity and brand along with your personal style. Something or the other may get hyped up which will automatically make your content go viral.

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