Recent updates to the platform and a new wave of third-party apps make it easier than ever to schedule posts on Instagram. Scheduling can help you scale up your campaigns and boost your engagement, granted you do it right. In this guide, we’ll break down how to schedule Instagram posts and best practices for automating your campaigns.

Why should you schedule Instagram posts?

Here’s why:

1. It helps you develop a more comprehensive strategy. Brands need to diversify their content strategies and not just post the same type of content over and over. This is because different types of posts receive different responses on the platform. When you schedule posts on Instagram, you give yourself time to actually assess your content calendar. And when you don’t have to rush, you have time to gather the various assets you need to create fresh, compelling content.

2. It saves you a lot of time. Scheduling Instagram content can free up some serious time in your schedule. That means more opportunities to go interact with your audience. Sticking to a schedule means that you can dedicate more time to engagement. This also gives you the time to let your creative juices flow and craft more meaningful posts.

3. You get to focus on other platforms as well. This gives you the time to work on various platforms and plan strategies for them seamlessly. Since you perform well in all the channels, this brings you before the eyes of brands and as a result you bag collaborations and paid partnerships.

How should you schedule your posts

Now let us get to addressing the elephant in the room. We have discussed the benefits that come when you schedule your Instagram posts. But, how do you do it right? Here’s how:

Optimize your post timing to maximize engagement 

The right time for you is based on your time zone and follower activity. The same timing cannot work for everyone. So you have to analyze what’s the right posting time for yourself and go with it. The process can be a bit arduous but the results will be amazing.

Craft your captions well 

Instagram captions generate great value when it comes to engagement. They shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. Use hashtags. Write an appropriate call-to-action. Much like your content strategy needs to be diverse, the same rings true for your Instagram captions. Through scheduling, you’re encouraged to put your captions under the microscope and ensure there’s some variety. Likewise, you can double-check you’re using the right hashtags and aren’t missing any key details before your post goes live.

Watch your content calendar 

Scheduling based on a defined content calendar encourages both variety and consistency in terms of your posts. Your content calendar should include– suitable publishing frequency, variation in content, opportunities of engagement and promotions, cross-posting on other channels, etc. The answers to all of the above ensure more thoughtful, goal-driven posts that are poised to perform well.

Assign time for engaging with your audience 

Scheduling allows you to free up your schedule to interact with followers in real-time. Mind your notifications and make sure your comment section never gathers cobwebs. Be proactive and make a point to respond to social customers ASAP for the sake of satisfaction and loyalty.

That being said you have to keep in mind that: you can’t just queue up your posts months or weeks in advance and expect your Instagram to grow on autopilot. We hope that you will find these tips helpful in enhancing your social media strategy. All the very best!

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