1. The best way to reach the viewers in real time is by hosting an YouTube live session. It is a medium through which the creators can talk with the audience or conduct an interactive session that will engage the existing viewers and draw new audience.



Below are the two ideas for an YouTube live session.


YouTube Live gateway

Videos that contain giveaways have the chance of having higher viewership number than videos not having any such incentives. This is because people are motivated by incentives and livestreams become successful as a result of it. But in order to host a successful giveaway, one need to have a clear goal and follow it thereafter. The first step is to choose the giveaway; it can be a free merch or a channel feature, depending on what appeals the most to the viewers. Then choose the date of the stream and announce it ahead of time, but not more than two weeks ago and no less than 48 hours. Promotion ahead of the stream also helps in acquiring new people to the channel. It is also important to explain to the audience the process of entering the giveaway and the way in which the winner will be selected. The comments section in the livestream can be used in putting the entries and winner must be selected in the most unbiased way and thus randomized comment picker can be used.


Invite a guest to a YouTube live Q&A



YouTube Q&A can be done with a fellow YouTube creator from the same niche as it can open the doors for followers of their channel to discover the channel and vice-versa. Q&A are a very popular method for livestream but adding a guest to it makes it even interesting and adds the possibility of increased viewership and more subscribers. The first step is to find the creator with whom you would want to collab. After deciding on it, approach them in the old-fashioned way by sliding into their DMs. Once a connection is established, tell them the reason for reaching out and how it benefits you. Take a decision on the date and the giveaway and promote it ahead of time. The questions can be gathered by asking the people to post it on social media or reading it from comment in real time. It is a great way to have fun and engage with the audience.


In the end, the type of livestream doesn’t really matters. The important thing is to get an idea, becreative with it and make it look authentic. Don’t forget to thank the viewers at the end and mention the new viewers to like and share.


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