Being a content creator or a social media influencer, one needs to stick to their strategies and methods to attract new followers and keep them engaged with the content. Social media platforms may have made it easier for us to create more content but the creativity needs to stay on peak to move the audience. 


The checklist to be an ideal influencer includes various points that need to be taken care of and all of them play a huge role in determining the standing of a social media influencer. One such point that most of the creators do pledge and preach to stick by is regularity. Being consistent and regular in posting is one major factor that needs to be assured as it maintains a regularity and ensures that your audience is able to consume valuable content through your feed on a stable basis. 



Being irregular in posting is definitely a red flag that you need to steer away from but this pushes creators into making one another blunder that they do not necessarily need to be making. 


That mistake here is that in a rush to post  consistently, they start posting low quality content. Even though recommendations point to posting regularly and often, it does not suggest posting bad content or rushed content that needs improvement in several areas. 


Why should you focus on quality over quantity?


 “Focus on quality, not quantity.”


There are various reasons why you should not focus on quantity, that is not focusing on how many times you are posting in the weekend but rather doing it consistently and with quality content. You could start turning away your audience because of bad quality, get distracted in a race to always post on time, lose the creative and the quality side of the content. This may attract followers but they will not stick around because of the lack of creativity and value of the content which will definitely decrease if you try to increase the outcome. There is no point in posting 6 times a week when the content does not even provide good material and pitch as it will ironically become the reason your audience will unfollow you. It can also make your feed look cluttered and unorganized which is not good for your brand. Thus, a perfect balance needs to be maintained. 

How to prioritize quality over quantity for social media? 


-Focus on posting consistently, that is even if you are posting once a week, choose a particular day and stick to that day for posting so that your followers expect to see content during the day and stick around. 


-Create and compile good pieces and save them for later if needed so that your consistency can be maintained along with quality pieces. 


-Recheck quality, value and little mistakes before posting a video so that no blunder is caused and verify the same again after posting. This will ensure a perfect effort from your end and will impress the audience. 


-Create pieces that gives you inspiration and that will inspire and move your audience. Even if it takes longer and more time, it should be worth it and you can adopt certain strategies to ensure it reaches more people.


-Do not post content that has no value, has low quality, is blurred or flawed rashly just because you are out of content and need to make up. Instead, find some loopholes and create some quick pieces or repost older relevant pieces that have good quality. 


-Do not be afraid to drive away the audience who would not stick around for good, valuable and enriching content because your targeted audience will definitely find you and stick around. What they will care about is impressive content, and not just the number of posts. 


Make sure your posts add onto your feed, brand and identity to help elevate it creatively rather than simply posting for the sake of it even if you do not feel the piece. Take time to get back in the groove to find inspiration and then start posting consistently. Remember the aim is to focus on the quality of posts and content pieces, not the quantity or the number of posts per week. This will keep you in for the long and enhanced run. 

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