Starting an account on various social media platforms is an easy task but maintaining it is another issue altogether.  One may come across various bloggers that makes an impactful presence on their famous accounts but one also needs to observe the hard work and patience they required to get to that point.

Posting whenever you feel inspired and creative may help initially but for the long run, one needs to maintain a discipline and routine.

How would that help? Well, creating content whenever you feel like and not working with consistency will not help your account grow and stay on top of the game. Creativity and consistency needs to go hand in hand for an effective growth of your account.

This is harder than it sounds though! However, to stay on top of this game, we have curated a few steps and well known methods that can make sure that you post consistently and efficiently on social media.

1.Plan ahead

After you have posted that one video, do not stay stuck on its feedback and views. Do not let the numbers make or break you. Instead, jump right ahead into planning other things to act on. No matter how well or bad the previous video did, your next motive should be to get back in the work zone to work better, curate more ideas and get inspiration for your next project. Also feel free to create content beforehand and save them to post later on.

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2.Create a schedule

Make sure that you have prepared a schedule beforehand so that it brings in consistency and discipline. It will also give you the sense of time management that is needed to create efficient content without spending too much time on it. Stick to creating content within the noted period of time, then set aside a few hours for editing and then repeat. Similarly, keep a grasp on when to post so that you can schedule posts accordingly as longer videos takes much more time to upload.

3.Ideas and Inspiration

Consistency has no importance if you run out creativity, so make sure to keep noting down ideas, suggestions and trends so that you do not run out of them when you do have time to create and post. Create separate categories in a sheet and note down ideas whenever you get them so that you can easily refer back on it and start working on the same without losing time. This will also help you to not feel rushed later on to come up with ideas as you will have plenty of them up your sleeve beforehand.

4.Set aside time for breaks

There is no point in overworking to gain consistency as that can lead to a burnout. Thus, make sure that while you stay consistent to work you should also take out time to simply relax without any lingering tasks or commitments on your head. That dedicated time for breaks is imperative in the long run else one would end up feeling suffocated and exhausted.

5.Create reminders

To remind yourself of upcoming tasks and stay up to date with the schedule, make sure to put on alarms and reminders according to the calendar so that you never lose focus of your routine and agenda for the day. Similarly, one can also keep aside little rewards at the end of the task so that they look forward to working dedicatedly on it.

Consistency while posting is that one tool that never gets old because only then the audience gets assured of relying on your content and following you. Posting consistently thus make the profile seem stable and disciplined which is something that audience tends to get attracted towards. Thus, these few steps not only help you maintain consistency but also grow your social media account efficiently.

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