Social media is used by Influencers and creators for various reasons but mostly for living their way of life. Many are entirely dependent on it and others rely on it for their livelihood. 


However, all of the creators along with the viewers are human beings and mistakes are only made by Human beings. 


As a creator how many times have you gone, “&@&#&@! It wasn’t supposed to go this way”, “How do I undo this!?”, or “I have messed up big time and this will never stop haunting me.” Probably plenty of times. 


It could either be a little glitch in the video, a bad quality upload, some issue with the transition or the edit or maybe something you did that was wrong. You could have unintentionally said something wrong, or something right , hurtful or insensitive or maybe the concept could have ended up taken in a wrong direction. In either of these cases, the repercussions or consequences could be lasting or temporary but still impactful nevertheless. Even though to manage these things beforehand one needs to be cautious and alert on social media as things can be easily blown up out of proportion in no time but sometimes it could get too late and all that is left is to confront the situation. 

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many other social media platforms are used for conveying your self expression but how are you to know of the tragedy that could occur any moment. All one can hope during this situation is that no one spots the worse before it is deleted but there is no point beating yourself over it if it does not end up happening exactly the way you imagined. 


Then how do you get over it? What do you do to face the repercussions now being thrown at your face and take in the wrath of the haters? Is there a way to overcome the mistake? 


Well, the answer is yes of course! Mistakes are only done by humans and nothing stays relevant on social media for a very long time. 

Here are a few essential tips to get over a Social Media Blunder-


1. Identify- 

Identify the mistake that you have seemingly made. This can only be done if you are cautious right away after posting the video on any channel and profile which is why it was an imperative step. Look for anything wrong or any mistake that you can find and either fix it right away or remove the video entirely. We know it may hurt you to backspace the efforts but it is better than the hellfire that might rain upon you because of the mistake. If the mistake is a huge one and is identified by one of the viewers, then identify the issue yourself and put them in their shoes to analyse what could have hurt them and how it can be fixed. 


2. Acknowledge- 

After you have identified and spotted the mistake, the spiral that will come along with it is inevitable. Especially if it is a major blunder that you are not sure of how to fix. Well, the only honest way to go about it is to acknowledge the mistake and take accountability for it. Do not stay in denial and wait for it to pass on its own if it is something major and has already been called out a few times. The best thing will be to post a little quick fix showcasing your acknowledgement of what went wrong and taking responsibility for the same. 

3. Apologise- 

If it is a major issue that may have hurt someone’s sentiments or feelings and you know that the mistake was unintentional then the best way to go about it is to apologize to the community or the group you have hurt. Keep it brief, positive and warm. Do not try to go around the circles or provide baseless justification to dodge the blames rather take accountability and provide an apology. 


4. Lesson- 

Mistakes are of no use if one cannot learn a lesson through it and try to do better next time onwards rather than letting that blunder go in vain and not teach you anything. Mistakes help you grow and improve yourself which is why it is important to remember them and learn from them. As an influencer, you should be aware of how turn the situation and plea to your audience so try doing that and learn from the situation. 


5. Ignore-

Where it is important to acknowledge the mistakes and learn but if it is not intentional or major, then it is alright to move past it. However, there may be a few strangers and trollers on social media as anticipated who will try to stick to that and make a huge deal out of it. It is them who you need to ignore and look away from as they are not there to help you improve but only to pull you down which is why it is okay to ignore and look away from it. If the situation gets worse then you can always call them out. 


6. Move past- 

Now that you have taken care of all the essential steps, you can now let the mistake go rather than letting it keep gnawing at you which could further take a toll. This is why moving past it after the deed is done is best for your profile. Do not make a huge issue and let it affect you in the present as it is not in your control anymore and you have done everything from your end which is sufficient. 


Social Media Blunders can move beyond silly mistakes as well which can take a toll that is why it is on you to make a boundary and whenever required, get ahead to take a break and take some time off for yourself. Make the best out of it and turn it into something better. Mistakes cannot rule your life, what is important is what lesson you make out of it which determines the rest. 



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