Beginning your journey on any social media platform has to be strenuous as there are so many tools, features and techniques to get used to. However, the comforting thing is that almost everyone starts from scratch. There is not a single account who is bestowed with millions of followers right at the beginning which is why it is alright to take some time to wrap your head around the platform and go along the way. 


When it comes to Twitter, the app is popular and famous for many of its unique features, tweets, posts and what not. However, you must be wondering what to do at such a platform where the competition, users and significant profiles are in abundance. Well, the answer is that you start establishing your profile at the very beginning. 


Do not wait till you get your first few followers to create and optimise a profile that emits a strong and creative aura from the get go. 


Here are a few ways to establish a strong Twitter account from scratch- 


Optimise your profile- 

From your bio, twitter username, profile picture and name. All of these should showcase your authenticity and uniqueness so that the viewers can get attracted to the profile and follow. The same is with profile pictures and the background picture which should have an aesthetic appeal to it. 


Following and Engaging- 

Start with following the accounts you look upto along with engaging with other users who have an established profile, you can also reach out to micro creators on Twitter and support them so that you can receive the similar attention back. Start interacting and engaging with the accounts as well because that is exactly how you will create connections, uplift your profile and get more followers. 



You can post pictures, insights, entertainment, tweets, etc. but the aim should be to bring something new to the table everytime and that it should include creativity so that it can engage better with people. Start posting content that has value and quality and that you think will get more retweets as people tend to retweet relatable and insightful posts quite easily which will increase your search visibility. 


List sources, links, etc.- 

Make sure to add links to your websites, blogs, etc. that you can lead whatever traffic you have gained on twitter towards your other platforms and sites which should help you increase your profits as well as generate leads. 


Use hashtags and promote your account- 

Tweets get the most attention because it is circulated on many platforms and the tweets get a hype which helps the account that created it get a certain credibility and acknowledgement which is why it is imperative to circulate quality tweets around other social media platforms, share and promote the same whenever you get the chance. The other idea is to use hashtags and focus on analytics. 


Use certain keywords, hashtags, tag relevant people, share your tweets and posts and uplift your account in order to gain credibility which should help you in the long run. The main idea is to get started as soon as you create the account as the sooner you start putting in the effort, the better will be the results. 


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