Social media has proved its significance and reliability time and again where it hasn’t just connected people and spread awareness but also helped them gain opportunities, grow and learn better. Another reason why social media platforms got more backing is because of how it has also helped people elevate their business and brands through social media.

Some people have also even started brand new businesses and brands on platforms like instagram and facebook and have seen tremendous growth in a short period of time and some were able to grow their brands even better after establishing it on social media.

No matter when one decides for the same but how can someone establish a brand on Instagram?

Well, to grow the brand and elevate its presence they need to reflect and here are a few ways to establish your brand exquisitely on Instagram-


Firstly, initiate the process to create a business profile on instagram and make sure it’s a professional or a business account. Be clear and precise over what the brand is about and if it is an old brand then make sure to enhance its motive. Once decided, choose a profile picture, username and bio that resonates with your brand and use the brand’s name for the username so that it can leave an impressive stance beforehand. Similarly, rightly choose the category that your business deals with.


Make sure to plan beforehand about how you would like to present your feed to the users along with what product pictures, captions and hashtags you will be using. Make sure to present your feed exquisitely as that leaves the first impression. Use known apps for templates, stories and editing. Also make sure that the feed looks aligned and organised rather than cluttered and all over the place. Treat it just like you would treat your work space.


Make sure that the content provides a clear and distinct picture of what your brand is all about. Not only should the content be authentic and unique but it should also be up to date with recent strategies and tools such as reels, stories, edits, etc. so that it can attract and engage with the followers. The content solely represents your brand so make sure to do justice through it and make the best of it.


Provide the link to your other platforms and sites as well as make it a habit to cross share content on other platforms to promote it better. Host giveaways, come up with discounts and exciting offers to attract followers and customers, use customised hashtags that are relevant to your brand and share the new products and links as soon as they launch in unique and impressive ways.

Build a community

To transform your followers into long time customers, you need to ensure that it is a community. Engage with them, take in their reviews and feedback, appreciate and compliment their support, collaborate with other influencers, repost stories and experiences and share a real story of your brand that came to life. Be transparent and considerate as well as make sure to use the platform to its utmost efficiency to gain maximum out of it.

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