As a content creator and influencer, one needs to have various cards and strategies up their sleeve to grow their profile as well as get better opportunities through Instagram but one major key factor that they need to take care of and carefully choose is the Niche. A niche that needs to be decided and carefully thought over in the beginning itself. A niche is the area of interest and the category that one chooses for their profile. They create content relevant to their Niche and it is something that they are enthusiastically passionate and aware about.

However, if one is beginning their journey as a content creator then they do need to pick a Niche and work with that. How to find it out though? There are surely many things that one is interested and passionate about but how do they select the perfect one for a niche? How do they know that it will help them grow?

Well, for starters no matter if you’re an avid-reader, an exquisite dancer or a die hard foodie, there must be one thing that you are genuinely passionate about and that expresses who you are as a person. It has to be something that truly represents you as a person and something that always excites you. A niche is something that you would always want to explore further and that represents your interest as a whole.

Try to plan and list out all the interests you are contemplating to make your niche and try to envision a profile for it. Liking something is different but making relevant content on it almost every other day is another task altogether. For example, picking travel for your instagram niche will not work if you rarely travel or barely have any idea of. Similarly, beginning as a content creator in the field of cooking will not work if you hate cooking and cannot understand the basics. If you want to do it for a long run then it has to come out of your heart and has to be something you always look forward to.

If you are someone who loves photography, own resources for the same and click pictures almost every other day. Especially when those pictures seem to tell you a story almost every time you look at it and you stay inspired by it then it is a good idea to start a profile for your photography. Similarly, if your outfits tell a story everytime you wear it and have a presence entirely of their own where fashion is something that you find your entire life revolving around then it seems like a bright idea to become an influencer or content creator in the field of fashion.

How to grow with the niche you have selected?

After selecting the niche, make sure to represent it in an aesthetic, real and unique way that distinguishes you from all the other creators in the field. Mark what makes your content unique and what new ideas you bring to the table to then consistently post on it with new tools and strategies every time so that your followers can get the most out of your content. Also make sure to engage with your followers and create relevant content that resonates with them so that it also helps in creating a community and a lively profile.

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