You may spot a single niche being used by every second creator that you come across on social media but the reason is that some of these categories are common and widely adopted because of convenience, passion and many other distinct reasons. 


Niches like travel, food, books, memes, lifestyle gaming, etc are very common and probably over used by content creators and influencers. However, when this happens it breaks and divides the attention of the audience because there are so many creators for a single creator. The population and the competition is no less which makes this an even bigger rat race as it depends on luck and talent whose videos might end up getting viral. 


-This can overshadow a lot of good creators and influencers with skills. However, to prevent this from happening and from making your content stand apart in a particular niche, you would need to be very careful and precise about how you formulate your content and conduct your strategies as you would need accurate and precise ones to do well in this field. 


-Especially, if you are someone who is all set in an “overused and filled niche”, your chances get lower of doing well considering the competition which is why it’s better to create content that stands apart and showcases your distinct style. 


-You could adopt peppy lines that separates you from other creators in your field and makes one remember your “catchy” lines so that they come back to it more often. You can take Lilly Singh, one of the most famous and creative Youtubers who is also formerly known as Superwoman on Youtube used a catchy line that kept everyone hooked and represented her style, “What up everyone, it’s your girl Superwoman.” the same line became a catch-phrase for her audience and attracted new ones immediately. You could also use different methods, styles, aesthetics, words or a personal tone that does not let you get blended with the crowd. Your way of formulating your videos, ideas and structure should be enough to make people remember your username. 

-Follow trends but do not forget to twist them in your own way which showcases your personality. It is okay to follow trends in order to fit in and engage the audience but repetition of similar videos following a trend can get boring and pushy for the audience. Develop your own way of making trends on your own or get out of your comfort zone to also start your own that showcases something about your niche and field. Do not follow famous creators blindly but try to form your own voice and style that represents you originally as that will drive you further in the long run.


-Come up with original ideas that have not yet been used in your niche to start your own without hesitating as this might help you stand out and also make your content look superior and edgy. Try to steer away from trends, audios and styles that are overused and old as it might showcase repetition which could affect views and response. 


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