WhatsApp is a very active and handy program that constantly introduces new features. The various new features that are released regularly assist in improving the talking and social networking experience for users. The parts are created with the user’s convenience in mind, making the software more enjoyable. The Meta-owned instant chat software already offers many options for users to explore.


Users may exchange GIFs, doodles, picture stickers, and animated stickers via the chat app. In addition, WhatsApp will now allow users to make stickers from their own images. Most users are excited about the new function since they wish to share customized stickers. For example, a WhatsApp sticker may be created by utilizing a photo from one’s gallery.

The ability to transform one’s own photo into a sticker seeks to make WhatsApp talks more personalized. However, there are a few key considerations that all users should be aware of. First, users can only turn their own photo into a sticker on the WhatsApp site. The function is not currently accessible on the WhatsApp mobile app. Still, the popular social networking site may add it shortly.

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It should be highlighted that making stickers on WhatsApp using images from your gallery is secure and convenient, so users should not be concerned. Once you’ve created a customized sticker of your choosing, you can easily share it with your contacts on WhatsApp. Here are a few basic steps that users may take to transform their photos into stickers on WhatsApp web:

Step 1: Open any chat window on WhatsApp online or WhatsApp for Desktop on your computer.

Step 2: Choose a sticker by tapping on the attachment icon (a Paperclip).

Step 3: On your smartphone, a File Explorer window will appear.

Step 4: Select an image from the window you wish to convert into a WhatsApp sticker.

Step 5: Adjust the corner of the box that appears on the screen before clicking submits.

Step 6: Save the sticker by long-pressing or right-clicking on it.

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