Opening up the account or the channel that you dreamt of doing for so long is done at last. You have finally mustered up the courage to act on what has kept you awake for so long. The platform could be any of the famous social media platforms, it could be Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

However, after opening up the page, one realizes that their problems are just starting.

As much as we all dream of going viral like superwoman’s videos does or that video of “Bachpan ka Pyaar”, those are just rare occurrences, and to truly expand one’s channel requires dedication, strategies, and a lot of hard work.

So, where to begin from?

-Here are a few initial ways to expand your channel/account-

1.    Share it as much as possible

  • Don’t be hesitant to share the link or the username of the account or the channel amongst various groups, friends, and family members.
  • Be open and honest about starting what you have and asking for their support on the same.
  • Don’t let go of opportunities to ask for follows, subscribers, reposts, and likes. True friends will always encourage and help wherever they can.

2.    Create a schedule-

  • Make a precise schedule for every little action in regards to your page or account.
  • Fix a dedicated time to shoot videos, pictures and make sure to stick on it.
  • Next, make sure that in order to avoid rushing the last-minute edits, you have kept aside ample time to editing and fixing errors.
  • Create a timeline of when you want to post, engage and do other activities.

3.    Be consistent and creative-

  • After you have finally uploaded that one video on youtube or that reel on Instagram, it is understandable that you would either be happy with the response or discouraged. However, not letting the numbers get to your head since the beginning is the key.

  • Move on to that next idea that has been gnawing at your brain and start planning on it.
  • Make sure that you are not taking the schedule for granted and stick to it.
  • Post inconsistency and not on the basis of your mood.
  • Stay creative and authentic with your ideas. It is okay to follow trends but do not lose sight of the original idea that pushed you for this.

4.    Connections and engagement

  • Make it a motive to connect with other creators in your niche.
  • One can reach out to them to compliment them, create a connection with them, or simply asking for their honest insights about their experience.
  • After a set time you can also host live sessions or videos with them in a way of collaboration but the key is to start with new influencers and then making your way up to bigger ones.
  • Constant engagements with followers and viewers is another dimension in itself. Make sure to get back to comments and compliments quickly.
  • Reply to messages, be polite and remember to take in their opinions through stories or posts as well.

There is a whole wide world of social media and growth but it is best to start slow and smart while keeping strategies and consistency in mind. There are a lot of other ideas that one needs to take care of but initially, these steps are best to focus on as without overwhelming it makes sure that you create an exquisite base for the platform.

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