The ability for users to include music in their Instagram stories is among the platform’s most used features. Since 2018, users of the app have been able to search for a music library that contains songs by numerous artists. They can then incorporate a song excerpt and a sticker with the song’s lyrics or name and artist information into their story. How to add music to Instagram stories is provided here.

Step 1

By pressing on the top-left corner of the Instagram user interface, you must first create a story. You can click or upload a photo or video that you want to transform into a story and then make whatever changes you like, such as stickers and subtitles. once you’ve finished

Step 2

Then, on the screen where you are constructing the tale, click the sticker icon in the top right corner. This will reveal the different stickers you can apply. Choose the “music” sticker from this point on and then look up the song you want to include in the narrative. After choosing the song, you can drag the waveform of the song onto your tale to choose the clip you wish to include.

Step 3

The location of the sticker on the article needs to be adjusted after this. You can push the sticker past the screen’s edge if you don’t want it to appear when others watch your tale. Do not forget that the track will still be visible to onlookers.

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