How many LinkedIn contacts do you have? In the world of business, such a topic is regularly posed. The larger and better the network is for a recruiting firm, the higher the number. For a business that has only been around for 13 years—LinkedIn was created in 2003—it was revealed back in June that Microsoft was buying the company for an estimated 26 billion dollars. That is a HUGE amount for any business.

What gives a business that much value? Many sites get into the details of business explanations, but I’d want to provide a slightly more straightforward explanation. Because LinkedIn’s fundamental idea is so straightforward. Connect with individuals by setting up an online profile. That is still the main concept, and little has changed. The number of users and their behaviour on the site have changed. More than 106 million active members, or 42 million more than the whole population of the United Kingdom, were reported by LinkedIn earlier this year. But it’s a straightforward, intriguing dichotomy.

A source to express, share and connect

Additionally, people now utilise LinkedIn in many ways; it is no longer simply for individuals. Businesses have pages where they may share information, blogs, and images to develop their brand identity. Businesses can post job openings and marketing advertisements. Recruiters can look for potential candidates and send in-mails to people outside of their network by purchasing access to LinkedIn Recruiter (nice name, huh?). For improved features, individuals can purchase a Premium subscription.

So, while a lot has changed, a lot has also remained the same. People interact and support one another. discovering new businesses, sectors, and people. Getting to meet people in our community. The concept of networking is straightforward, but it has great power. And it may be quite helpful. As recruiters, we use LinkedIn daily to find potential prospects, connect with hiring managers, and research businesses. LinkedIn is used by people to share their own thoughts, links to articles and charitable causes, strike up conversations with others, and arrange meetings between connections.

Do a quick mental check to see how your profile looks the next time you log into LinkedIn to check it out. Have you changed the image on your business card? Do you have a convincing and accurate description? Do you reconnect with former acquaintances to grow your network? Have you liked or commented on the professional posts of others? Last but not least, are you making the best use of it?

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