Twitter is one of the biggest marketing phenomenon of the online business world. In fact, it has been growing rapidly through the years and is expected to grow at a faster rate in the near future.  As a marketing platform, Twitter offers many benefits to businesses. Here, we will be giving you a detailed breakdown of why Twitter is important for business and how you can make the most of it. Don’t miss on it.

Gather customer insight 

We get an idea how actively people are using Twitter as a conversation platform by the number of tweets and conversations on the platform everyday. And for businesses, these conversations can prove to be a valuable source of customer insights. Using Twitter can help you research trends and topics that your audience cares about so you know how to deliver them more effectively. The Twitter Explore page gives you an updated list of topics and hashtags trending in your region and relevant to your interests. This makes your task of finding relevant hashtags and topics that are important to your audience, much easier.

Construct brand personality and awareness 

The way in which you present your Tweets and engage with your audience on Twitter is highly effective for establishing your brand personality and growing awareness. Twitter for business lets you share information quickly and start conversations with your target audience. In turn, your audience if find your Tweets and content valuable then ideally, they’ll even share with their followers. Additionally, engaging with your audience’s replies and mentions, supporting a cause that your clients personally support also improves your chances of showing up in non-followers’ feeds. These actions help you boost visibility and brand awareness, thus proving to be a major benefit of Twitter.

Provide client support and gain feedback 

Twitter makes it easy for customers to reach out to brands and provide their feedback or ask for help. Brands can then use this as an opportunity to not only collect vital feedback to improve their products but also to deliver the support their customers need. This makes your consumers feel seen and heard.

Grow a community 

Brands can Twitter to start and join in on relevant conversations, cultivate and engage with their community and build a loyal following. You can bring people together around a common interest or cause. Consumers want brands to help them connect with likeminded people through social media.

Watch over your competitors 

You can search to find out about your competitors’ current activities and strategies and follow if their activities and strategies are successful or not. Further, you can use this opportunity to redo their successful strategies and get to know what doesn’t work.

We are hoping that you have a better idea on how these benefits of Twitter can add value to your marketing mix after reading this.

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