Emotions play a crucial role in marketing as they provide a profound and meaningful connection between your business and its target audience. Consumers are flooded with marketing messages, many of which are designed to persuade them to buy a good or service. They receive ads, emails and whatnot from their dentist, mechanic, grocery shop, you name it, someone is always after their patronage. Everyone wants to win their business. How then can your interactions stand out, particularly if you are unfamiliar with them and they have not yet made a purchase from you?

The answer is simple, ‘Emotions’


You need to relate with customers more deeply than competing businesses do. That is how you may stand out from the competition, capture the customer’s eye, and start developing a deep connection with them that, ideally, will result in sales. Either the emotional or the logical sides of the brain are used by humans while making daily decisions. However, more often than not, the emotional part of the brain has a much greater impact on choices than the analytical side. Most of our decisions are influenced by our emotions.

In order to establish a connection with your target audience, emotional marketing seeks to evoke an emotional response from them. Then, these advertisements push the customer to take an action. Before using emotion in marketing, you must comprehend its function, the significance of truly understanding your target, and how the human psyche functions.

5 reasons why emotions are important in Content Marketing

1) Emotions help us understand and relate to the situation we’re writing about

– You tend to take certain actions in order to experience positive emotions and minimize the probability of feeling negative emotions. This is very important for you as a writer, to be completely engrossed in the situation you’re writing about which enhances the magnitude with which you are conveying your words. The reader definitely gets a feel whether you as a writer understand him and if you do, he’ll surely relate with you.

2) Emotional bond results in customer loyalty

– When the reader relates with your content, there is a 100% possibility of you building trust. The human brain is wired to appreciate storylines and lovable characters. Your goal is to make your brand a loveable character that the consumer can get behind.

3) It portrays the feeling of care to our customers

– Every customer looks to deal with a company that comprehends his problem or his point of view and acts accordingly. It might be possible for you as a company to understand the state of your client but at the same time it’s necessary to bring this to the notice of your client as it would build a sense of satisfaction to the customer that yes, your company actually does understand him and are working to enhance his experience.

4) Builds engagement

– Simply enough, emotional marketing taps into a person’s emotions through compelling words. One of the most subtle yet potent methods, it fosters a closer bond between the company and its consumers. This may also help clients remember and take notice of your company more, which may eventually encourage them to buy your services as well as recommend them to others.

5) Helps avoid mistakes in writing, displays the quality of our work

– When you’re writing something in the third person, there’s always room for mistakes. However, when you find yourself involved in a story, it definitely minimises the chances of mistakes as you’re writing your heart out. In turn, it displays the quality of your work which would show your customer how dedicated you are towards guiding your customers to the stairs of success.



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