So, a new year means a new me? That can entail disabling social media for some people or developing better social media habits. But can you have a healthy relationship with social media before deactivating your Facebook or Instagram? Yes, provided you employ a few beneficial techniques. We’ve listed some of them below.

Impulse scrolling

Social media addiction is not a diagnosed medical disease. However, studies have found that social media’s “extreme pathological use” is comparable to the signs of behavioural addictions and how they affect brain activity. Social media usage that is compulsive or unchecked frequently creates issues in daily life but is not considered addiction until it results in severe dysfunction, which is uncommon. The usage of social media platforms is intended to become compulsive for humans, who are by nature social beings, making use of the routine.

Unhealthy habits

1) Browsing through other people’s postings for too long
2) Comparing your profile to that of others Suffering from low self-esteem
3) Using aggressive or even abusive behaviour online
4) Incessantly posting unhappy thoughts and sentiments to start a vicious circle of self-fulfilling misery
5) Interacting with online groups that encourage undesirable habits like eating disorders or self-harm
6) Chronic insomnia brought on by using social media before bed or late at night


Many people use social media in moderation and don’t need to worry about setting usage limits. If somebody feels their usage of social media is out of hand, we advise developing a better relationship with it by:

1) Consider your use of the platform before logging on. Please determine what you want to obtain from using it, then log out after, avoiding the need to stay.
2) Establish the scenarios to avoid, such as using it when in bed, at work, at the dinner table, or when interacting with others in person.
3) Set usage time restrictions. With the “screen time” feature in iPhones, you can set time limits for how long you spend online and for when you start and finish each day. You can also monitor your progress.
4) To make social media less accessible, disable notifications and delete the social media app from some devices or the home screen’s main page. This avoids hasty checking.


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