In just three years on the market, Discord has amassed over 130 million registered users, making it an extremely popular voice and text chat network. It has gaming-related roots, like Skype. Businesses and marketers who want to interact with customers where they are also using it. Also, it aids numerous companies in expanding by allowing them to use their Discord network to develop their brand.

Discord is cost-free, and safe and offers applications for both desktop and mobile platforms. There is no restriction on the number of servers you may run, and both private and public servers can be made. Discord may also take the place of Slack, Skype, and other commercial collaboration tools, as many businesses are swiftly realising.

One of your firm’s numerous applications is internal communication. Today, we’ll be concentrating on creating a Discord community. It’s the perfect platform for customer interaction, and Discord marketing is comparable to the new social media marketing.

So, let’s dive right into it:

In Discord, you get to pick whom to add

There are numerous customising possibilities in Discord. If you’re already familiar with Slack, you should have no trouble browsing Discord because it has a similar appearance and feels.

One of Discord’s biggest advantages is that, like a Facebook Group, you can manage who joins your group. Discord, however, allows for far greater member-label personalization than Facebook. Each member can be given a role, and roles can be used to grant or deny access to various channels on your server.

Use the ‘nitro’ features in Discord

“Nitro” is the name of a premium subscription service that Discord offers. Subscribers to Discord Nitro can access premium features like animated avatars, higher-quality voice chat, and more for $5 per month.

Discord’s Nitro service is great since it offers a different cash stream from your server. As a result, you may keep providing free material on your server and profit from Nitro subscriptions.

You must create a Discord Partner account to earn money via Discord’s Nitro service. You can then enable the Nitro features on your server after completing this. From here, people can pay the set price to sign up for your server’s Nitro service.

Promote additional servers

If your server has gained a lot of influence and importance, you can promote other tiny servers on your space and demand a fee in exchange.

You can also get in touch with people and provide them with the chance to advertise their server in your community for a certain fee and grow their community.

On Discord, many servers specifically offer advertising services to other servers. World Advertiser, Discord Growth Portal, Self-Promotion Center, and others are some of these advertising servers.

Affiliate Marketing

Like on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can use affiliate marketing on Discord to make a commission or a set percentage of sales.

Simply post a link or a coupon code on our server to get started. You will receive a commission from any sale made using that link or coupon code.

The secret is to work with companies you think have excellent products. You will lose your reputation if you associate your name with a bad product that your members would despise.

Conduct contests

To increase participation among members, you may also hold contests in your neighbourhood. Charge each participant a tiny entry fee rather than offering these competitions for free.

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