These days, Digital streaming platforms namely, Spotify is the ruler of almost every heart. Although it has become more crucial to understand its importance in the Music industry. Ever wondered what makes Spotify a sure-shot hit? Firstly, it is the most popular Digital Streaming Platform. Secondly, it is the best possible way to show, stream and increase the followers of the music. Furthermore, Spotify becomes more important when you are an artist or a record label.

Hence, for a record label, band or artist is more important to increase your Spotify plays. So, let us have a look at how we can get more number of plays and followers:

  1. Create your own playlists: Start building your own playlists. All you need is to be creative, active.
  2. Share your links of Spotify playlists on all social media platforms to ensure all-round visibility.
  3. Create an insightful connection with Music Blogs: Reaching out to big music blogs are a great option to look for. It is guaranteed to be noticeable in this situation. You can tap new audiences. Or you can engage with your friends as well who would listen to your music from day one.
  4. Focus on building your own image: Building image here refers to getting verified over Spotify. A good and verifiable profile is one with a good-looking or graphically infused profile picture and some music.
  5. Being a supportable creator and supporting works of other artists: Sharing and supporting is caring. Hence support fellow creators and artists can help in the long run.
  6. Digital Distributors too can help.
  7. Use Emailer: Email marketing being the most popular way to grow your networks. Additionally, you need to offer something exclusive to the audience in order to keep them engaged as well.
  8. Promote works to big labels: You can promote your music to big labels. As a result, record labels have a playlist and to build a relationship with them you can submit them on social media or emailers.
  9. Submit your music to Influencers or curators: To enhance your online presence on Spotify you can submit your collection of music to playlist curators.
  10. Include the playlists on your websites as well.
  11. Consistency is the key.
  12. Shazam is a must. To ensure you are available on Shazam.
  13. Ad Studio on Spotify too needs to be utilized properly.

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