Teachers all across the world are adopting social media into their classes to engage students both online and in person, according to recent research. Social media is influencing and shaping how kids learn and interact on a daily basis.

Students appear to be more engaged with social media than in a traditional classroom setting, whether through live-streaming of an event, alike, or a comment on a post. Students use a variety of internet tools to supplement their education. In today’s environment, it is fair to claim that social media and education are inextricably linked.

3 ways how the education system can use social media to their benefit

Stream live lectures and upload recorded lectures

Teachers can form class groups and stream live lectures, as well as post discussion topics, assign assignments, and make announcements in the classroom. To maintain openness while utilising social media, parents should also be marked in communications.

Enhance the staff-student bond

The school administration and principal can use social media as an effective communication channel by, for example, publishing school news and accomplishments on social media, holding online meetings with parents, or even announcing new initiatives and projects for the school.

Learning Management System

LMS stands for Learning Management System, and it is a networking software that offers instructional programmes to schools and universities. Instant chat functions, videos, forums for sharing information, and other lesson resources to assist students can all be found in a social media learning LMS. Live conferencing systems, webinar capacity, shared group reviews, blogs, and other social learning features are also available.

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