When you buy something on Amazon, what is one of the first things you do? I’m a big fan of reading reviews. If a product has a five-star rating based on 1,000 reviews, it boosts its legitimacy, and I’m more likely to purchase it.

Google Reviews, similarly, are critical to the legitimacy of both B2C and B2B businesses. Prospective clients and customers will Google your business name or your product/service to find your Google My Business profile. Your Google Reviews will be displayed here. Here are some reasons why you should start paying attention to these reviews right now.

Google Reviews increase your online exposure

Google Reviews help with SEO, particularly local SEO, by increasing your online visibility. Google’s search algorithm is intricate. Google Reviews, on the other hand, have a significant impact. According to Moz, signals originating from Google Reviews account for over 10% of Google’s whole algorithm. Online reviews are a strong indicator of whether people enjoy your business because Google strives to offer the best results for their search queries. The number of reviews also matters. Businesses with 40+ reviews, or at least more reviews than your opponent, are preferred by both Google and potential customers. People are also starting to call businesses directly from Google instead of going to their website first.

Honest opinions

Reviews assist you in determining which areas are performing well and which require improvement. Although not all evaluations are fair, they can always provide useful information and insight into how your company might improve. Businesses are sometimes hesitant to seek internet evaluations because they are afraid of receiving bad feedback. A poor review isn’t necessarily detrimental. When a business responds to unfavourable reviews in a professional manner and attempts to rectify the matter, it demonstrates to potential customers that you care. A combination of negative and positive reviews can boost conversions by making your online presence more genuine and honest.

Google reviews are really valuable. They are responsible for your online reputation. If you’re a startup or even an established company and are seeking Google reviews, your search ends here. Contact us on our portal and we’re here to help you.

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