In a span of just a few years, TikTok has seen massive growth in popularity and app usage. Billions of people are using it worldwide. If you’re a marketer, of course Tiktok is a great place for you. But besides using your marketing tactics, you could also invest in paid advertising on TikTok to further boost your brand’s impact on the app’s audience. With the app’s immense popularity, TikTok ads could be a great addition to your social media advertising strategy.

In this post we will provide a detailed overview of how to run ads on the platform and much more.

What are the different types of Tiktok ads?

TikTok provides you with plenty of options to advertise on the platform. So you can choose what will be most effective in reaching your target audience and getting your message across. So what are the kinds of ads that you can run on Tiktok? Lets see:

1. Brand Takeover- It allows you to dominate the conversation as your message takes over the whole screen for a few seconds. It then turns into an in-feed video ad.

2. Branded AR content- In this your ads appear as branded stickers, lenses and other types of AR content so TikTok users can use them in their videos.

3. In-feed video- These appear among the native news feed of TikTok users on the “For You” page.

4. Hashtag challenges- These ads show up in the “Discovery” section of the app and can encourage user participation.

5. Sponsored Influencer Content- In this you get your message across through sponsored content from an influential TikTok user.

How to get started with running ads on Tiktok?

TikTok advertising is rapidly evolving as the platform grows. Setting up ads on the platform is really simple. The first step is to create an account on Tiktok Ads Manager. Once you’re done setting up your account and your brand gets approved log in to your dashboard and finish the initial account setup according to the instructions. Then follow these steps:

1. Create a new campaign. This will give you the option to choose your campaign objective – whether you want to drive traffic, conversions or app installs. Then give your campaign a name and set a campaign-level budget. Your budget depends on the amount that you want to invest varying from lifetime or daily budget.

2. Choose your targeting and placements. This is where you decide on the placements and targeting for your ad group. You choice of ad placement will determine where your ads appear on TikTok and its partner platforms. You can configure your targeting with the option to target users based on demographics. This includes location, gender, age group, language and interest category.

3. Create a new ad. TikTok gives you the option to upload either a video or an image file as your ad creative. You can further customize your ad by naming it so it’s easier to distinguish between different ads within the same ad group.

4. Analyze your ad performance. You must measure your performance to see how the campaign is paying off.

TikTok advertising may feel completely different from the other social platforms you’re advertising on. But once you understand the basics, it could bring impressive results for your business.

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