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Facebook Under Regulatory Issue Again!! Is It Time To Delete Facebook?

by Ayush Aryan | May 4, 2022

With explosive whistleblower charges and ongoing regulatory issues, Facebook has recently come under criticism. But, for Facebook’s 3 billion users, things may have just gotten worse—could this be the tipping moment that ultimately motivates individuals to deactivate their accounts?

According to a recent article in Vice’s Motherboard, Facebook has no idea what it does or where it sends your data. Although Facebook is one of the world’s most data-hungry services. The complete text of the stolen memo, produced by Facebook privacy engineers on the social network’s Ad and Business Product Team, was released by Motherboard. “We’ve created systems with no borders.” An analogy nicely describes the outcome of these open systems and open cultures.

According to Motherboard, 3PD stands for third-party data, 1PD stands for first-party data, and SCD stands for sensitive categories data. “We can’t credibly make controlled policy changes or external pledges such as ‘we will not utilize X data for Y purpose,'” the memo says. And yet, this is precisely what regulators want of us.”

Leaked Facebook Document

According to privacy regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data must be acquired for a specified reason, which is regarded as the “gold standard” for people’s data protection rights. In other words, it cannot be collected for one use and then utilized for another. According to the most recent Facebook paper, the social network will have difficulty complying with this because it looks to lack authority over the data in the first place.

“Not knowing where all the data is is a basic problem in any organization, but when that data includes personal user information, it generates major privacy difficulties and should be addressed promptly,” says Jake Moore, global cybersecurity advisor at ESET.

A representative for Facebook’s parent company, Meta, disputes that the social network is subject to regulation. “Because this paper does not detail our elaborate processes and controls to comply with privacy requirements, concluding that it indicates non-compliance is just incorrect.”

So What To Do With Your Facebook Account?

Facebook’s user numbers fell for the first time this year, though they have since rebounded marginally as the company’s data-hungry habits became more apparent to everybody. At the same time, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency features, which allow customers to reject ad tracking on their iPhones, have taken a heavy toll on Facebook. These features, however, do not prohibit Facebook from collecting first-party data—the information you supply to it on its website.

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