Facebook may have provided its audience with one of the most expansive and unreserved platforms but it is the creators, influencers, marketers and the audience that makes it as impactful as it is. It also ensures to stay up to date with trends and requirements of the audience which makes it one of the top social media platforms. 


Recently, another feature was launched which has seemingly created a lot of buzz and noise especially for the creators. It is only evident how hard creators work to produce content and share them out there especially because it is not a one process task. Instead it takes quite some time which in many ways also benefits facebook as a platform. Facebook has never restrained from giving the creators opportunities and recognition thus similarly this new launch was just as impeccable as it was worth it. 


What are “Stars” on Facebook? 


-Facebook recently added this feature which directly creates a relationship between the viewer and the creator as in this way, the creator can actually earn money from their videos and creations. This way their hard work actually pays them off directly as their audience is the one who consumes the content and can directly even pay for it if they wish to in a way of showing appreciation. 


-The audience now harbours the perfect way to directly support and cheer their favourite creators on Facebook by giving them money directly through stars. This lets them give recognition and praise to the creator directly. The stars will be bought by viewers who can then give it to the creators in the comments. 


-The creators then receive some amount of that money as a token of appreciation directly and they can even view the comments attached with it. 


-You can also earn the same through your live videos where the viewers can buy stars and pay for it to support you and give you the due credit for your content which ensures that your hard work does not go in vain. 


-The audience can simply select the stars option that they see around the video or live session and pay for it while the creators gets a small percentage depending on how many stars has been purchased, the packs vary from 99 stars, 310 stars, 530 stars etc, which depends on the location where the variety and the percentage depends on the location. 


-However, it is recommended to set up for the option and complete the necessary process needed to receive the payments.

What is the Significance of Stars? 


-This puts both creator and the viewer in a position of power and authority where the viewer gets ensured of quality content and good videos as only then will they be ready to hand out stars, and the creator who readily gets the due and appreciation for the work. 


-It creates a positive relationship between the audience and the creators as well as strengthens their bond. The viewers can gladly support their favourite creators and showcase their love.


-It lets the creators also work just as hard on producing good quality content so that it gets noticed and appreciated as well as make their viewers happy. It would also open up lines of communication between the two and make it more fun and engaging. Just like how it would also help the creators monetise their content and receive support for their creativity and work.


-This would become necessary as it will prompt the creators to work dedicatedly and give them motivation for the same, and for the viewers who will be able to filter through the best content and support it in return.

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