Social media is one of the most significant technological phenomena of our time. It has enabled us to communicate with people and networks around the world, and it has revolutionized the way we interact with each other. But how do we understand social media’s influence on writing? How does technology shape our writing practices, and how are those practices in turn shaped by technology? This article will explore how technology constructs and is constructed through writing about and on social media.

As technology advances, so does its capabilities to shape our daily lives. Writing on and off social media serves as an example of how technology constructs and is constructed. It’s a two-way bridge that brings together a myriad of people from around the world in unprecedented ways.


Writing has been used for centuries to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas; however, social media has taken writing to an entirely new level. With the click of a button, people are able to share their perspectives with others across continents. On the flip side, writing on social media also allows us to observe how society is changing in real-time – giving us an insight into what others think and feel about current events and trends.

At its core, writing on and off social media serves as a reflection of both societal views while simultaneously shaping them through our comments, posts and replies.

In conclusion, we can see that technology and social media are inextricably linked. Technology is not a stand-alone entity, but something that has been constructed through the development of human society. We must continue to critically assess how these technologies shape our lives and understand the implications of our own actions within them. We must also strive to create an equitable system where everyone can access, understand, and use technology in meaningful ways.

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