Finally being done with creating content and shooting a video almost feels like a relief especially when a lot of effort goes into it, however the judgement day comes when one finally picks the time and day to post that specially curated post. As that is the time when one will finally get to know if it’s a success or not on social media. 


As then one keeps going back time and again to check the views, likes and comments  However, this is a misconception to think that after posting the content your job for the day is done. There is still more to go that one needs to get done and take care of efficiently. 


The time right after one posts the content is a crucial time as the more time people view and engage with it at the earliest, the better reach gets hooks on further. Be it a reel, video, post or even IGTV, almost all of them require the same attention right within that short time span. 

Here are a few quick essential things one should immediately get onto right after they hit that post button- 

1. Review- 

Do not right away close the tab and jump onto other tasks instead review the post that you have just shared to recheck for any mistakes or errors that can still be saved. Go through the caption carefully once along with hashtags and tags so that no error comes up later. Similarly, see the post, video or the reel once and twice by yourself to check the quality. It is a must to make sure that no blurry or glitched video gets uploaded. 

2. Share- 

The first and foremost thing to get the views right away is to repost the same post on your story but remember to not reveal it all entirely instead cover it up with gifs, etc. which says “New reel”,“New post”,“Check it out”,“Like and share it” etc. One can also entice the audience with a catchy caption which reflects that this might be your best work, or it is the most relatable content you’ve made, etc. which hooks the people who view your story and grabs their attention. Doing this is necessary as not always your post lands up on the other’s feed but if they check your story, they can easily go to the video. Another thing is to share the same in groups, friends and family that you trust. Mention that it is a new post and to support it and share it. This hack always comes in use.

3. Promote-

Jump on right away to promote the post on other platforms such as facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, etc. and share the link along with it. Ask your close friends to do the same promotion which can end up grabbing as many users organically as possible right away. You can also ask the people closest to you to save the post and engage with it as much as possible. This will increase the reach and help you in the first few crucial minutes. Create a hype through this which will give a major boost to the content.

4. Engage- 

As soon as the above points are taken care of, keep a check on the engagement as that marks the most important factor. Whichever comments and reposts you receive, remember to acknowledge them right away. Respond and reply as soon you receive the comments as initially it helps in boosting the content. Engage and use call to action wherever required. Reposting the support also showcases and compels one to visit your content again which is why engagement is necessary. Later on as well, use stories to showcase the good number of views and love received which will show your gratitude. 


These are a few essential points that must be taken care of right away as soon as you hit the post button so that you can make the most out of your crucial time after posting which will definitely end up creating a hype and giving a major boost to your content and page. 

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